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Classic Vintage Bikes for Sale


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Vintage Bike Parts

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Vintage Bikes Sold  

A superb example of a high end Mercian bike. Thoughtfully restored and complete with the authenticity of the original Bill of Sale from 1981. Features some classic components from the  glorious era of Steel, GB stem, Universal brakes, TA Specalities chain and crankset for example.


Has been successfully ridden in Eroica Britannia and is a beautifully smooth and comfortable bike to ride.

An eye catching bike that attracts the look of admiration.Reynolds 531


Size 56cm


Mercian Olympic 1981

This bike from the Gan – Mercier period of sponsorship of the Mercier Tour de France team  (1972 – 1976 ), comes in a light blue colour with steel made from ‘Tubes Allege Special ‘Pro’ and features half chrome forks ,a  chrome chain protector and beautifully crafted and detailed lug work.


It is an item that would grace the most prestigious of vintage collections.





Mercier Special Tour de France

***Triple Chainset***

A excellent example of one of Motobecane's vintage models at the the quality end of the scale in Prussian Blue and made from Columbus and also featuring Inexternal Tubing.


Frame size is quoted as 54cm (Seat Tube to head) , 57cm ( Seat Tube to BB)

Motobecane Super Mirage  

Columbus Frame

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This Motobecane is one of the outstanding classic racing bikes made by the French Manufacturer. Made long before the 'MBK' brand, the bike is super light offering Reynolds 531 and an excellent set of Gipiemme  hubs on Mavic rims. As a classic racing bike, it certainly ticks all the right boxes.

Motobecane Vintage Racing Cycle - Reynolds 531    



Peugeot PFN10 1979/80 Frameset


Full Chrome Forks

172 Vitus

Exquisite Bocama Lugs

Hatta Swan Headset

super light

will make a fine Eroica ride

Peugeot PFN10 Frame & Forks



Le Champion is one of several Motobecane Bicycles that would fit well into any collection.


Beautiful Lugs


Size :58cm ( SP to BB and also SP to HS)


Made with Vitus 172 ( Both labelled and stamped under BB)


Le Champion

Frame & Forks



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