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Vintage Bike Hire for Velo Classic's


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Vintage Bike Parts

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Vintage Bikes Sold  

We offer a range of  Vintage Steel and Lightweight Bicycles for hire for specific events.


As a standard all our bikes are:


Serviced and maintained by a professionally qualified mechanic.


Are period authentic (vintage).


Offer a wide range of gearing with a good standard of equipment.


Wheels and tyres are suitable for a range of surfaces.


They look great !

Vintage Bike Hire

This Fantastic looking 1987 vintage Raleigh Criterium 12 triathlon racing bike arrived with me having been converted to straight handle bars with gears and brakes that, although fine,  the bike was just not comfortable with. It’s not an exact restoration but pretty close and the ‘Crit’ now provides a more comfortable ride through the higher quality range of Sach Huret components that it now has. The 14-28 rear freewheel and the marginally wider wheels with 28mm tyres are additional enhancements that also make for a more enjoyable riding experience.

Raleigh Criterium (1987)

We are currently working on adding more hire bikes, they will feature here soon.

Coming Soon

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Click on  an Image to see our sold bikes on Flckr