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Airport Transfer for Your Bike by 63 Vélo   

One location Pick Up & Return Transfer to any UK Airport

Keeping it simple.


  • Return Group Transfer for your bikes to/from any UK Airport :

  • For groups of 4 or more.

  • We collect at one UK address.

  • Bikes must be boxed

  • (discounted Bike Box Rental  available)

  • You travel to Airport without the hassle.

  • You check in your bike box and bike.

  • You collect your bike box and bike at the destination Airport.

  • On return to UK, You:

  • Check in your bike box and bike

  • We meet you at the UK Airport

  • We transfer your groups bikes to one UK address.

  • It’s as easy as riding your bike.


Return UK Transfer of Your Bikes From £75 per bike

(Price based on a Group of 6 bikes)

Box My Wheels 1

In Location Bike Transfer

Please contact us for further details



Take a look at our bike box hire service


Take a look at our bike box hire service

Currently Only Available in Mallorca.


Our agent will meet you on arrival to Mallroca and transfer your bikes to your accommodation (one address only).


On departure day, our agent will transfer your bikes from your Apartment to the Airport.


There you will check them onto your flight.


Return Transfer From £150 per Group