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Mercier Rose Vintage 1970’s Racing Bike( Eroica Ready) for sale


This beautiful bike really does conjure up  glorious images of the Tour de France in the sixties and seventies  when the Mercier-Hutchinson teams were particularly iconic .


The romance of le Tour was never more epitomized  than in the famous photograph of  Raymond Poulidor as he won the stage on the Col de Cucheron that day. Flanked by press photographers on Steve McQueen style motorcycles and L’Equipe’s   open topped Mercedes Benz, Poulidor in the Purple team  jersey  and riding a Mercier ‘Rose’ broke away in the final stages of the climb to secure the stage win and a love for the Mercier bike was born.


Mercier Rose Vintage 1970’s Racing Bike( Eroica Ready)


This is a fine example  of what is a vintage classic Mercier. A sophisticated ride on a stylish bike built for comfortable riding .This bike looks great !


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About this bike at a glance


Mercier Rose Vintage 1970’s Racing Bike( Eroica Ready)




Mercier Bike with Allegre Steel Tubing (Serial /Guarentee Numbered)

Frame sizes is quoted as 58cm (Seat Tube to head) , 60 cm ( Seat Tube to BB)

This Mercier is engineered to provide comfort in the Mountains , its triple chain set at the front and generous ratio to the rear sprockets provide both generous and comfortable gearing, so  you too can be Poulidor!



UK Collection


This bike is currently  available for collection in UK.


....but please contact us if you prefer to discuss this option.

A note about our vintage velo's


“Item is vintage and whilst in full working order, does show signs of age , there are some signs of rust (faint and few) and some signs of mottling on the chrome. In addition there are makes and scratched which I have tried to show on photographs and are commensurate with what is expected of a bike of this age. In particular this bike does show some signs of general wear and tear. It has a mark of note below the bottle cage. A few scratches , chips etc. Some signs of cosmetic restoration and enhancement. A mark on Non Drive side cross bar. Marks on Seat tube, and undercarriage. General markings on frame.” In Particular this bike is sold a price to reflect this as detailed in description


Part of this bikes charm is its character, a vintage classic that has been enjoyed during its former life and showing signs of age , as such it has scrapes , scars and scratches  which could be rectified by any new owner , simply by replacing paint and parts where desired. These are the type of marks that are commensurate with age and are cosmetic only. All parts are working.Where possible these are shown in photographs  , otherwise attention has been drawn in the description, please ask for further photos if you require further detail.


However, that stated, this bikes does ride very well and all parts are working and has been priced accordingly, accounting for its imperfections. Main marks of note are  within the paint work, a little rough on the top tube  at the stem end, there is a mark on the head tube also , otherwise there are slight markings on the frame. Chrome is good, apart from a little surface mark on the left front fork, not visible in pictures and slight wear on Cinelli stem.  The wheels are good , both are strong , Some spokes have signs of wear . and of age. I ideally spokes would be replaced by new owner.( replacing spokes is not an expensive job but not one I can not complete ) The Bike has been priced accordingly to account for defects,lesser bikes are listed for considerably more.In point of fact, Mercier's like this one are offered for twice the price and are often in far worse condition.

The Bike is equipped with:

Cinelli Stem and Bars


Serial /Guarentee Numbered


Simplex dropouts


The frame is decaled with Dura-ace, one label and cable clips. Though the bike is NOT equipped with Dura-ace.  


However, the bike has a lot to offer the rider for the price.


Front derailleur is Simplex

Rear derailleur is Simples SJ 810


Shifters are Gian Roberto , Padova Italy ( Nice looking)


Nervar Tripple Chain and Crank Set (50-40-34)

Stylish Lyotard Pedals

Christophe Toe Clips /Straps

5 Speed Sprockets (Cyclo France 15-27)


Wheels are Mavic Rims (Monthelery Route)

Exceltoo Super Competition Hubs (large Flange)

Simplex Skewers with original white levers,

Tyres are Vittoria Rally Competition Tubulars


Mafac Brakes (Dural Forge – see below) & Levers

Shimano Chrome Cable Guides

Emmeri Bottle cage

Frame Mounted colour coded gear cable guides

New cables and outers.

More images available.


Info  About Mafac Dural Forge 


The "Dural Forge" stamped calipers are an earlier version of the Mafac Racer Brake